YouTube will provide a solution for parents to control what their teens watch

Since 2015, YouTube has allowed parents of young children to control what their offspring watches and set restrictions on the platform through its dedicated YouTube Kids app. But if this watered-down version is intended in particular for young children, Google’s streaming video platform, which in principle only caters to over 13s, offers no solution to parents of young adolescents.

After several months of work, YouTube will soon launch, in beta, a function for parents to allow their pre-teens to access YouTube through a supervised Google account. They will be able to personalize the authorized content and set certain limits.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

Several possible content options

To satisfy everyone, YouTube should offer three filtering options. The first, Explorer, is intended for children old enough to leave YouTube Kids (nine years old and over) to explore the content of YouTube, with various videos (vlogs, tutorials, gaming videos, music videos, educational content, etc. .).
Explore more, intended for over 13s, will provide access to broader content including livestreams in the same category as Explorer. Finally, the last filtering option, More from YouTube (Most of YouTube) will allow access to all content on YouTube with the exception of videos with age restrictions.

To complement these new functions, YouTube will allow parents to access the viewing history of their offspring. They will also still be able to access the Screen Time module integrated into Family Link, its parental control application.

The platform also indicates that children accessing YouTube under the control of their parents will not have access to certain functions. This will disable personalized ads, as will in-app purchases or the ability to post comments.

Source: Youtube


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