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Your old computer will not support Google chrome because of this, see details

If you have an old computer, then there is good news for you, but there is also a need to be vigilant. Actually, the Google Chrome browser was scheduled to stop running on the Windows 7 operating system from next year, but Google has extended its support for another 6 months due to the Corona global crisis.

In such a situation, the Google Chrome browser will now be able to run on computers with the Windows 7 operating system by 2022.

However, Windows 7 users should be cautious and start looking at its options, so that they can continue running the old computer without any hindrance. Microsoft has already stopped supporting Windows 7.

20.93 percent of people in the world are Windows 7 users

According to Net Market Share, 20.93 percent of people worldwide still use a computer with Windows 7 operating system and in the Corona crisis, work from home has increased the importance of older computers. If Google Chrome does not support such a computer, then users would face difficulties.

Previously Google Chrome support on Windows 7 was till 15 July 2021, but now it has been taxed by January 2022. Google has made many big and beneficial announcements for users during the Corona crisis, which has made the people very easy.

Needs to upgrade to Windows 10

It is noteworthy that Google has made it clear that from the year 2022, Google Chrome will be able to run only on Windows 10 operating system, in such a situation, it is necessary to upgrade the old computer users of the Windows 7 operating system to Windows and use them on Windows 10.

In the coming times, people will be forced to insist on the latest technology, as things are changing over time and old technology is slowly becoming irrelevant.

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