Xiaomi Mi TV Q1: the Chinese manufacturer cheats on the compatibility of its TV with 4K at 120 Hz

When it comes to TV, Xiaomi is on the way to becoming a master in the art of disappointing. Last year it was by presenting a technically lagging Mi TV 4S. This year, it is by cheating on the capabilities of its Mi TV Q1.
Indeed, after having affirmed loud and clear that its 75-inch QLED television was 4K 120 Hz compatible, the Chinese manufacturer will have to assume the fact that this is not reality since in 4K its television is limited to 60 Hz.

False communication

This compatibility was precisely the asset which made it possible to erase some of the (major) weaknesses of the Mi TV Q1 and justified, in certain cases, the investment for certain players.
Deprived of 4K at 120 Hz, Xiaomi’s QLED seems much less interesting. What is also disturbing is how Xiaomi has managed to cover up this weakness.

At no time, in its communication, or in the technical documents that Xiaomi sent concerning its television, was this limitation mentioned.

On the contrary, on the brand’s official website, the technical characteristics displayed highlight the refresh rate and the resolution of the panel.

To find a trace of the deceit, you must leave the technical page of the Mi TV Q1 and go to the bottom of the “Overview” page of the product. .

There, following an asterisk which does not refer to anything, in a reduced font size and in English (unlike the other annotations which have been translated), appears the following mention: “Does not support HDMI in 4K 120 Hz / VRR”, that is to say “Is not compatible in HDMI with the 4K 120 / hz / VRR”


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