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Xiaomi makes best quality smartphones, lowest are the worst: report

Gadget Desk. When it comes to buying a smartphone, its quality and performance cannot be compromised. This is the reason that buyers like to take phones from top brands and avoid doing experiments.
RedQuanta’s report has revealed that the quality of Xiaomi’s smartphones is the best in this case and this brand is at the top in terms of high-quality smartphones. Apart from this, Xiaomi’s phones are the least bad in the smartphone industry.
Xiaomi has emerged as the top brand in a survey conducted by customer intelligence firm RedQuanta, which works in more than 25 cities in India.
The survey collected data by considering high quality, camera performance, affordable pricing, and long battery life. This survey was done online by the company due to the Kovid situation. Let us know, Xiaomi India has also received an award from RedQuanta for two consecutive years.

Xiaomi phones are less spoiled

According to RedQuanta, the purpose of the study was to find out the quality of large smartphone brands in the market. Among camera performance, battery life, durability, and value for money, Xiaomi India topped the camera and long battery life.
At the same time, in the case of affordability, users chose Xiaomi. Apart from this, it has been revealed that Xiaomi’s phones are the least bad and Xiaomi India has scored 86 percent in post-purchase satisfaction and 83 percent in recognition rate.

Xiaomi lags behind Samsung

Counterpoint has also recently shared market share data. Here is bad news for Xiaomi and leaving everyone behind, Samsung has reached the top of the Indian smartphone market.
Xiaomi India has been at the top position for a long time but in the quarter ended September 30, 2020, Xiaomi’s market share has decreased by about 3 percent.
At the same time, Samsung has captured a 24 percent market share in the same quarter with a growth of 4 percent.

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