Xiaomi launched the Mi Box 4S Pro, a device capable of playing content in 8K

As soon as they had the Mi Box 4S on the market, Xiaomi came out with a Pro version that exceeds the quality of video reproductions.

It’s a simple announcement on the market and when you see the features it has, it already makes it one of the most complete Android TV players. This is the  Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro. This device has an 8K player. Plus an HDMI 2.1 available. Features only found on the highest-end televisions.

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This is the first Xiaomi device to offer support for 8K videos. Then it becomes a reference for the market for this type of equipment. There are other products within the brand capable of reproducing quality in 8K, but they are televisions.

The great difference and practicality of this device are that we can connect it to any television. In addition, through it, you control the command and access the Internet.

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READ  Xiaomi has introduced the MI Box 4S Pro, which supports 8K video

Xiaomi device improvements

The report from the China-based company that the device’s hardware is brand new. “It has considerably improved the video decoding capacity. It has improved the transmission speed and storage space,” they say.

The internal storage is 16 GB and it has 2 GB of RAMThrough MIUI TV you can run a voice controller that works with Bluetooth.

Finally, the functionality of the HDMI 2.1 port is necessary for those who have an 8K television. Its price is around 60 dollars and for now, it is only for sale in China.



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