Xbox Series: Game Downloads Will Be Faster With New Update

Microsoft is currently rolling out an update to its Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles. Thanks to the latter, it is possible, from the downloads manager, to suspend all its activities, whether it is a game or an application. The console then focuses on downloading the game you want to retrieve (and its update), in order to save you a few precious minutes. On the latest Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, both equipped with an SSD, reopening the game you had paused only takes a few seconds with the function Quick Resume.

The return of success

Another novelty, the mobile application Xbox, available on iOS and Android, has found success. The players complained about their disappearance, Microsoft decided to respond to their request.

Also to discover in video:

Available from a few users, the new Xbox update will roll out gradually until the end of April. Unlike Sony, Microsoft doesn’t usually roll out a big update to everyone at the same time. The Xbox OS is more modular and can improve on an app-by-app basis.

Source: Microsoft


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