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World Pneumonia Day 2020 Theme, Precautions, Safety, Symptoms, Message, Quotes and What is Pneumonia

World Pneumonia Day 2020: World Pneumonia Day is being celebrated all over the world today. This day is celebrated on 12 November every year around the world. The day was first started by the United Nations (UN) on 12 November 2009.

World Pneumonia Day Messages

-On this occasion of World Pneumonia Day, we must all remember that we can win this fight against pneumonia. Stand together and fight. Have a happy and healthy World Pneumonia Day.
_ Do your part, contribute towards stopping pneumonia, and help in saving a child. Take care, stay healthy, and be safe on this World Pneumonia Day.
_ Life is pretty easy when you can breathe in and breathe out without any issues. So, take care of your lungs and your health. Wish you a very happy, safe, and healthy World Pneumonia Day.
_ Be thankful to be alive, breathe, and go easy. Take care, stay healthy, and be safe on this World Pneumonia Day.
_ Whatever is going to happen in life will happen. Just be thankful that you’re breathing. Take care of your lungs. Wish you a very happy, safe, and healthy World Pneumonia Day.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

The aim of this was to spread awareness about pneumonia among people all over the world. Symptoms of this disease include sudden high fever (pain in chest), excessive sweating and urination, headache, excessive thirst, face, mouth, and eye redness, dry cough, breathlessness Increased speed of taking, difficulty in lying on the back, swelling in lungs, speed of pulse, bleeding with mucus, weakness due to loss of appetite, etc. are seen. The cold and changing weather has a profound effect on health in many ways.
Some diseases are ambushed in this season, one of which is pneumonia. With this, prevention and treatment are also related to our food and drink. If you are cautious about food in this disease, then it can be stopped to a great extent. Know here what to eat in pneumonia and what not

What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a serious respiratory disease that causes infection in the lungs. When there is pneumonia, the lungs become inflamed, and sometimes water is also filled.

What to eat in pneumonia? (Precautions Tips)

  1. Vegetables for the patient of pneumonia include carrot, garlic, sesame, fenugreek, beet, onion, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, berries, leafy greens, tomatoes.
  2. Eat and drink the freshly cooked soup of fruits and vegetables and fruit juice etc.
  3. When thirsty, dissolve one spoon of honey in warm water and keep it.
  4. Massage the mixture of mustard oil with camphor and turpentine oil on the chest of the pneumonia patients.
  5. In the diet, eat liquid things such as rice glut, sago kheer, Bali, broth, partially boiled or beaten egg, arrowroot, moong, lentil soup, etc.
  6. Drink plenty of lemonade or plain clean water.
  7. Grind a garlic bud and eat it with 2 spoons of hot water in the morning and evening.
  8. A massage of pure honey on the chest will also benefit.
  9. Drink a spoonful of ginger and basil juice with honey.
  10. Drink one spoon of garlic juice in hot water and drink it twice a day.

What should not eat in pneumonia?

  • Avoid eating specially processed food and soft drinks in the diet.
  • Do not consume milk and dairy products because all these things work to increase mucus in the body.
  • Avoid consuming things that you are allergic to.
  • A person suffering from pneumonia should avoid consuming more sweets.
  • A diet that contains artificial color, flavor, or caffeine should not be included in the diet.

Other Home Remedies for Pneumonia

  • During pneumonia, vegetable juices like carrot juice, spinach juice, beet juice, cucumber juice, and other vegetable juices are beneficial for your health.
  • To cure cough, gargle with half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. With this help, the mucus and irritation present in your throat will be reduced.
  • Taking a cup of coffee removes shortness of breath.

FAQ related Pneumonia

What can cause pneumonia disease that is not cured early

Pneumonia is a serious disease. It is a contagious disease associated with the lungs. There are many symptoms of cold, cold, fever, etc. The patient should take special care of this. Special care should be taken while avoiding Ayurvedic remedies daily. Spicy, cold, and outside things should not be eaten. If the Ayurvedic remedy is not done properly, then the patient does not get benefits.

Does pneumonia also occur due to a change in the weather?

Yes! Pneumonia can occur due to a change in the weather. With the changing season, the environment and our body temperature change. Staying cold, eating or drinking can also cause pneumonia.

What age group do people have pneumonia?

Pneumonia occurs after a fever or a cold. Especially children younger than 5 years and those above 60 years are prone to pneumonia, as their immunity is low.

What other diseases can cause pneumonia?

If pneumonia is not treated at the right time, these problems can occur: –

  • Bacteria that enter the blood from the patient’s lungs can also affect the rest of the organs, causing problems in the functioning of other organs.
  • If the patient has severe pneumonia, he may have trouble taking enough oxygen in his breath. The condition can be so severe that the patient has to be hospitalized. Have to use breathing machines like ventilators etc.
  • Pneumonia can cause fluid buildup in the thin space between the layers of the lungs. If the material becomes infected, it may have to be removed through a chest tube or by surgery (surgery).
  • There is an abscess in the lungs of a patient suffering from pneumonia, which is usually cured with anti-biotic drugs. Sometimes a long needle or tube is required to perform the drainage.

When should I contact a doctor if there is pneumonia? (When to Contact a Doctor?)

In the following cases, the doctor should be contacted as soon as possible, otherwise, the results can be fatal.

  • When the patients are above 60 years of age.
  • When the patient’s BP Systolic is greater than 140 and Dystolic is less than 90 mmHg.
  • When the patient’s breath is fast.
  • When breathing assistance is required.
  • The patient’s temperature is lower than normal.
  • The patient’s heart rate is below 50 or above 100.

When should children contact the doctor if they have pneumonia? (When to Contact a Doctor?)

Pneumonia takes severe form in some children. Children need treatment in the hospital. Take the children to the hospital in the following situations –

  • When the child is breathing faster and less deeply.
  • When the child has consumed fluids equal to half of his normal volume in the last 24 hours.
  • Shortness of breath (a thick, whistling sound when you breathe)
  • When his lips and fingernails began to turn blue.
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