Women’s D1: the OL-PSG shock reprogrammed at the end of May

Scheduled for March 13, but postponed due to several positive coronavirus cases in the Parisian ranks, the shock of OL-PSG female D1 will take place on the weekend of May 29.

The shock will take place, of course, but it will take place two and a half months later than expected. Initially scheduled for March 13, but postponed, the women’s D1 match between OL and PSG, which could decide the title, will be played on the weekend of May 29. Or one week before the 22nd and last day.

On March 12, the day before the meeting, the capital club had reported three positive cases of Covid-19 among its players, and on the order of the Regional Health Agency, the FFF had to postpone the poster at the last moment. What annoyed the Lyon clan …

First, a quarter-final second leg of C1

Still, the Federation communicated again this Thursday about the match, to announce the rescheduling at the end of May, “date (exact) and time remaining to be confirmed”.

The FFF, which also found dates for the Paris FC-Fleury (April 24) and Issy-Paris FC (May 1) matches, recalls that three other unplayed matches have yet to be set: Guingamp-OL, OL-Le Havre, and Paris FC-PSG. “Their outfit will depend on the outcome of the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League which will pit the Lyonnaises and Parisiennes against each other, Saturday April 18 at 2 p.m.,” said the body.

At the moment, it is PSG which leads the D1 with 49 units, four more than OL. But the Lyonnaises have one game less.


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