Windows 10: what the News and Weather widget will change in the taskbar

A few months ago, Microsoft unveiled its plan to modify the Windows 10 taskbar by integrating a new Widget. News and Weather is now ready and should be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. It will provide one-click access to the latest news, a weather forecast, as well as personalized content. For Microsoft, this widget built into the Windows taskbar is “the fastest way to stay up to date with the latest news on your Windows 10 PC.”

Grafted to the right of the taskbar, just next to the hidden icon drawer, the widget will display the weather forecast for where you are by default. One click will deploy the dedicated panel in which will be displayed the latest important news, sports results, the stock market or traffic information.

Personalized content

The items displayed in the News and Weather widget can be personalized to best match your expectations and interests. The weather display, for example, could have an icon and text, or just an icon to take up less space on the taskbar.

You can also select the different sections and subjects for which you want to see the news. Microsoft has provided a personalization panel entirely dedicated to the widget to allow you to select the content that interests you. And if, however, you do not want all of that, it will still be possible to deactivate the functionality of your machine.

The deployment of News and Weather will begin in the coming weeks among users. It will be done in phases and will be made available to as many people as possible over the coming months. It will therefore still be necessary to show a little patience before seeing it land on your desktop.

Source: Microsoft


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