Windows 10 Video Editor: What are its limits and how do you use it?

Windows 10 has a video editor that offers many different alternatives to the well-known old platform video editor, Windows Movie Maker.

Although the Movies and videos option had an option similar to what a video editor is, the program that we are going to mention is actually found among the Photos options.

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Using the video editor in the Photos app, you can create video slideshows that combine your photos and videos with music, motion, text, and more. You can also add animated 3D effects, such as sparkles or fireworks.

How to use it?

The step by step is simple, you just have to open Photos and select New video> Automatic video with music or Personalized video with music and voila there you will have a range of options.

With Video Editor you can:

  • Drag and drop to add multimedia content.
  • Add different text styles
  • Split, and rotate the clip
  • Duplicate video projects
  • Include background music for easy adding
  • Add your own files
  • Add “themes” that are like image filters to the video
  • Add 3D effects, playback speed changes, motion effects among others.

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It is not a complete enough editor to replace Adobe Premiere or Filmora, but it is a replacement with many more options than Movie Maker.

So if you have very simple home projects, you can count on this editor that will allow you to specify them.


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