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Windows 10: Step by step to change the color and style of the taskbar

The customization in the interface design is included in any app or smartphone, tablet or computer operating system.
In this case, we will talk about very specific customization that can attract many. This is the taskbar in Windows 10.
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The user who wants to customize his taskbar has to download a program called TaskbarX from the Microsoft Store and perform the following step by step:

Change taskbar colors with TaskbarX

TaskbarX is an application whose main function is to offer control over the position of the bar icons, but it is not the only one that it has, it can also transform the color and style of that area of ​​the computer.
To install it, you must download a ZIP file for free, or look for it in the Microsoft Store and pay only one dollar.
Then you must unzip the Zip file in a folder of your choice and first-run TaskbarX Configurator.exe by double-clicking on it to open the application’s configuration panel:
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Once you run the configuration you can go on to customize your bar. From the “Style” section, you can choose from six different styles. The first is the default appearance, then you have completely transparent, transparent with gradient, opaque, blur, and acrylic.
You can also choose the exact color you want to use for the bar, either solid or gradient.

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