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Windows 10: Microsoft is preparing a brand new version of its store


The Microsoft Store as we know it today, that is to say apathetic, is undoubtedly living its last hours. The Redmond firm would obviously have big plans to bring back to life its application and software store which has been languishing for several years and has never really succeeded in establishing itself as a real platform for the distribution of applications like Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

To revive the Microsoft Store, Microsoft would tackle several major projects: the first would concern its interface. The new version of the store should feature a more modern and more fluid skin, modeled on the latest graphic novelties introduced in the latest Windows updates, with new icons, smoother animations, etc.

The second project should be interesting enough to revitalize the software showcase offered by Microsoft. The firm could give up a little ballast to offer developers an attractive application distribution platform on paper.

A store updated more frequently

This new Microsoft Store would still be offered as a universal application for Windows, but should benefit from a more frequent update rate, offering new functions or new improvements each month.

Downloading and installing a little heavy apps and games should no longer be a problem, the Microsoft Store being a bit finicky at the moment. But the major asset that should play in Microsoft’s favor is the adoption of more flexible rules regarding the applications that will be allowed to appear in its software store.

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Making life easier for developers

Developers could therefore submit their packages in .exe or .msi directly on the Microsoft store and would be free to offer updates as they see fit, without going through this channel, directly from their application, as is the case. for example for applications like Firefox or Chrome web browsers.

But the point that should finally convince developers looking for an effective way to promote their application is the concession granted by Microsoft on the compensation system. They would be free to use whatever service they choose, and shouldn’t have to fork out a dime from Microsoft, which hopes to create an open distribution platform where Windows users can easily access the best apps.

Microsoft should also take advantage of this new store by propelling its own applications such as its Office suite, its Edge web browser or even Microsoft Teams. The arrival of this new version of the Microsoft Store is scheduled for next fall, with the deployment of the Windows 10 Sun Valley update.

Source: Windows Central


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