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Windows 10 is updated to kill the traditional Control Panel

From time immemorial the legendary Control Panel has served as the cornerstone of the Windows operating system.

From version 3.1 and 95 to our dates, among the options in this menu was the solution to our interface or PC operation problem. Entire generations of users grew up loving the Control Panel. But Windows 10 just killed it.

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Goodbye, and thanks for the fish

In the last update

of Microsoft’s operating system, a slight but forceful change was implemented with which the Control Panel has been completely eliminated.

Now, when you try to access it from the search engine, what we get in return is the Windows 10 configuration interface. In reality, this does not represent such a big change since the options of both alternatives are basically the same.

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The threat was detected by a digital security company and reported to Microsoft, who have seven days to install a patch on Windows 10.

But what hurts is that we have definitively lost that interface and organization of the options menu that accompanied the operating system for decades.

It is even claimed that it is impossible to use third-party add-on software to access the old panel interface.


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