Why Amazon is opening a barber shop in London

Will Amazon Digitize Hair Salons? The e-commerce giant is opening a 457 square meter concept and tech fair in East London, as a post on its official blog reported.

Filters to test a new hair color

Customers will be able to experiment with a new hair color in augmented reality. The device will consist of a tablet inserted in a mirror and having a front camera (see image above).

The principle of operation is quite simply that of the augmented reality filters which popularized Snapchat or ensured the success of L’Oréal’s virtual makeup. The Amazon mobile application already has a Live Mode AR feature to test makeup before buying it.

Tag a product for information

In terms of the shopping experience, customers will be able to point to a product and immediately display information about it on a nearby screen (see image below).

It is then possible to make purchases on the Amazon site by scanning on site the QR Code of the products which are then delivered directly to the users’ homes.

Products can be purchased by scanning their QR code.

And for entertainment during care, customers will be able to watch Amazon movies with Amazon Fire TV devices.

For the rest, the salon will function in the traditional way with real hairdressers and hairdressers and their scissors. A partnership has been made with the Neville Hair and Beauty salon which is currently testing the place on Amazon employees. The opening to the general public should be done within a few weeks.

General view of the living room.

Amazon is therefore continuing its offensive in the British capital after having already opened three Amazon Fresh supermarkets that operate without a checkout. But he has no plans at the moment to launch other hairdressing salons in the world.

Source: Amazon


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