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WHO said vaccine is not a magic pill, everyone will not be able to get it early next year

The World Health Organization has warned that the vaccine is no magic pill for the coronavirus crisis. Nations are seen to rollout extensively to deal with the transition.

WHO’s top health director, Michael Ryan, said, “The vaccine’s arrival doesn’t mean Kovid is completely eliminated. Not everyone will be able to get it early next year.” He further added that with the introduction of the vaccine, of course, a major powerful tool has been added to our medical kit. However, she will not be able to do all the work alone.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adnom Ghebreyes has described the vaccine as a light emanating from a deep tunnel. He said that there is a growing perception among people that the corona virus is gone, but it is not so, it is still spreading very fast. Tedros also said in the meeting that we need to focus on the global system for preparations. The WHO Commission, established in September, is reviewing international health regulations. The WHO is working with several countries to launch a pilot program, in which all countries have agreed to conduct regular and transparent reviews of their health preparedness.

WHO gave good news about Corona, said- now you can start dreaming of ending the epidemic

The World Health Organization says that at present 51 candidates are being tested on humans, out of which 13 are currently reaching the final stage. On Wednesday, Britain became the first country to allow its vaccine, Pfizer-Biotechnic, to be used by the general public. The US will also give it the green signal this month.

With the introduction of the vaccine, American companies are making large-scale efforts to aid its delivery. Pfizer and biotechnics have stated that their vaccine would require a temperature of minus 94 degrees, after which different firms are now engaged in arranging insulating containers on a war footing.

A record number of Kovid-19 cases have been reported in the United States for the second consecutive day, calling it ‘Dark Winter’ by newly elected President Joe Biden. America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday advised everyone to use ‘universal face mask’ indoors. Along with this, Joe Biden has also said that he will cancel his huge opening ceremony in January in view of the corona virus.

British medical chiefs say the introduction of a vaccine will reduce deaths early next year, but social distancing will need to be taken into account over Christmas.

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