Who is TCL, the Chinese TV giant? DQJMM (2/2)

The world number 2 in terms of television was very successful last year. The Chinese giant has sold more than 24 million televisions worldwide. Every second a television is bought according to the vice-president of the firm. Today, TCL celebrates its 40 years of existence and stands out as the pioneer in the field of Mini-LEDs.

Together, we will come back to the leaks of TCL’s new smartphone. A phone that makes you dream at first glance, but which raises questions: simple inconceivable concept or real technological prowess? According to our guest, the Fold’n Roll, to be understood as the smartphone that unfolds and unfolds, is a concept that aligns with those on the market. A flexible screen comparable to Samsung’s Fold 1 or 2 or the LG Rollable. A crazy bet which for the moment only exists on paper!

TCL is certainly enjoying recognition and leadership in television, but what about household appliances? We take stock with Fréderic Langin. Present in some thirty countries, TCL also tries to stand out and claims an ecological conscience and responsibility. A good point that will surely seduce more than one!


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