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Who is Asif Basra: Asif Basra’s ‘Suicide’ did another flick, worked with Sushant

The year 2020 likewise brought illiteracy for all the people and now they are going to give another sad news on the go. Film and TV actor Asif Basra laid down his life in Dharamshala on Thursday. It is feared that he has committed suicide. But how Asif Basra died or why he committed suicide, it is not yet known. No suicide note has also been recovered from them.

Here we are giving information about Asif Basra and some important information and aspects related to his life.

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  1. Who was Asif Basra?
    Asif Basra was a popular Bollywood and TV actor. He was also a theater artist and acted in many plays.
  2. When and where was Asif Basra born?
    Asif was born on 27 July 1967 in Amravati, Maharashtra. He was 53 years old.
  3. What TV shows did Asif Basra do?
    Asif Basra started his career with the TV series ‘Vo’. Recently he also appeared in ‘Hostages’ web series. Apart from this, Asif Basra appeared in the 1998 horror series ‘X Zone’.
  4. Which films did Asif Basra work in?
    Asif Basra wrote ‘Black Friday’, ‘Parzania’, ‘Kai Po Chhe’, ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’, ‘Krish’, ‘Ek Villan’, ‘Manjunath’, ‘Kalakandi’, He played key roles in dozens of films like ‘Frickey Ali’ and ‘The Tashkant Files’.
  5. What was the qualification of Asif Basra?
    Asif Basra did his BSc in Physics and in addition a computer course.
  6. Did Asif Basra take any acting training?
    It is said that Asif did not take any training in acting and from a very young age he started acting on stage.
  7. What did Asif Basra do before joining acting?
    After graduation and then a computer course, Asif Basra started working in Mumbai and he used to spend whatever salary he got to watch the drama. From here, he felt more excited about acting.
  8. What else did Asif do other than acting?
    Asif, apart from acting in Mumbai, used to train the youth in Prithvi Theater and taught them the tricks of acting.
  9. Was Asif Basra married? Who else are in their family?
    There is currently no information about Asif Basra’s married life and his family on the Internet.
  10. How did Asif Basra die?
    Asif Basra is said to have committed suicide at Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Asif Basra had been living in a rented house in McLeodganj for the last 5 years. He also had a foreign girlfriend with him. Asif Basra is said to have lived with a woman from UK in McLeodganj at Live Inn. On Thursday afternoon, November 12, he went out to roam his pet dog. After this, after coming back home, he tied his own rope. Initial investigation revealed that he was a victim of depression.


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