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When the low budget came, the teachers picked up the paint and brushes and brightened the walls themselves

In a small budget, teachers have succeeded in changing the appearance of Sushant Lok Government Model Culture Primary School. Now whenever the schools for the children will open regularly, their school is going to be changed for them. Teachers together made beautiful paintings in the school premises. From the main gate to the school campus trees, even the outer and inner walls have been given a different look. This will attract children and will also help them to understand and read many new things. This school has a wall painting with 3D look. In this, the help of artist of Chandigarh was taken. The campus of the 5-room government school has become one of the most beautiful schools.

Teachers took this step on low budget mill
A budget for face lifting of schools was released by the Directorate of Education. Under this, the external appearance of schools was to be improved. All the schools got the budget, but many government schools did not use it in the same way as the Sushant Lok government school. If someone got this budget only on paint in school, then someone got the gate repaired. But the head teacher of this school, Manoj Kumar and teachers Sapna, Anju, Manjeet, Sammi and other teachers together transformed the school in 20-25 days. This school had a budget of 70 thousand.

Roof made galaxy
The roof of the school is given a galaxy shape, which seems to be the most attracted. This will enable children to know about the solar system better. Not only this, the grill at the school’s entry has been given the look of a pencil and is made from the color of the pencil itself, which itself seems quite attractive.

School walls are aware
Awareness messages have been placed on different walls. Emergency service contact numbers are also written with different colors. Messages and photos promoting the games have also been placed on the walls of the school.

Artistry also seen here
Different artwork is also shown on the trees. There are a large number of trees in the school campus. These include painting with different colors from the teachers. Also the head office, every door leading to the class room, open area, school stairs, school pots are also beautifully painted. In addition, a corner has also been built in the school, where children can measure their height.

The teachers fully supported the beautification. Special Artists were called from Chandigarh to prepare these paintings. The walls were given a new look by calling artists at lower prices than Chandigarh due to being a bit expensive in Gurgaon. To make the school beautiful, the teachers also gave their ideas and helped to paint. B- Manoj Kumar, School Head, Government Model Culture Primary School Sushant Lok B


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