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When Kangana was angry with Ranaut, know who is Pratap Sarnaik


  • Sarnaik answers BJP’s questions flawlessly
  • Sarnaik reacted strongly to the issue of Kangana Ranaut
  • ED raids Sarnaik’s house this morning
  • ED takes son Vihang Sarnaik to office

Pratap Sarnaik has been elected MLA for three consecutive terms from Majiwada seat of Thane city on Shiv Sena ticket. Sarnaik then came into the limelight. When the dispute between film actress Kangana Ranaut and the Maharashtra government was at its peak and Kangana Ranaut threatened to come to Mumbai. At that time, Pratap Sarnaik had also said that Kangana Ranaut’s language is not civilized and the women’s wing of Shiv Sena would definitely teach them a lesson. Also when Kangana Ranaut compared Mumbai to Pakistan occupied Kashmir. At that time too, there were a lot of accusations from both sides. Even then Pratap Sarnaik spoke with great care. Apart from this, the action of BMC at Kangana Ranaut’s house was also justified by Pratap Sarnaik. There is also a discussion in the political corridors that Sarnaik is paying the price for his helplessness.

Sharad Pawar said ED is being misused
NCP supremo Sharad Pawar has also termed ED’s raid at Pratap Sarnaik’s house as wrong. Pawar said that it is absolutely inappropriate to use power to suppress his political opponents. Due to lack of power, some people in Maharashtra are talking nonsense.

Raut came to the rescue of Sarnaik
After the ED raid, the Maharashtra government and the central government have come face to face once again. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has defended Sarnaik, saying that if anyone wants to topple the government here in Maharashtra by using the agency, it is foolish. This is not going to happen at all. The three constituents of the Mahavikas Aghadi government are together. Each of his MLAs is with the party and the government. The central government is trying to pressure the legislators in Maharashtra by misusing the central investigative agencies. But this strategy is not going to work here. The central government is plotting to malign Maharashtra again. Whatever the BJP and the central government do, we are not going to kneel. Raut said that there are many cases which are related to the central government but there is no investigation on them.

ED’s raid at Sarnike’s house
Shiv Sena MLA and spokesperson Pratap Sarnaik’s house in Thane city has been raided by Enforcement Directorate officials. Financial transactions (economic transactions) of the family members of Pratap Sarnaik are being investigated by ED officials. Talk of Red is coming out in 10 places including Mumbai and Thane. According to reports, this has happened due to the economic transaction between Red Top Security Group and MLA Pratap Sarnaik. Prathap Sarnaik’s son Vihang Sarnaik has been taken to his office in South Mumbai for ED questioning.

In which case did the raid happen?
In which case did the raid by the Enforcement Directorate. It has not been officially revealed yet. The Enforcement Directorate suspects that Pratap Sarnaik and his family have concealed their financial transactions. Apart from this, has any other scam been done under its cover? ED officials are investigating this. Pratap Sarnaik is a real estate developer himself. He is known as a Tejatrar leader in the Shiv Sena.

She has been accused of misuse of ED
The Shiv Sena has often been accused of misusing the central investigative agency, especially the ED, on the BJP government at the Center. At present, the Shiv Sena has also called it an attempt to suppress the politics of revenge and the voice of the leaders who speak against the BJP. The matter of not sending any kind of summons from Pratap Sarnaik or his family ED is also coming. BJP leader Kirit Somaiya said that ED will not go without home work. If Sarnaik must have committed corruption then action should be taken.


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