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WhatsApp Web will no longer be available in this browser in 2021

WhatsApp Web is the solution for many offices where users want to maintain contact with the instant messaging platform without using a cell phone.

However, like many applications, WhatsApp Web will also undergo changes by 2021, as announced by the Facebook-owned platform that announced that the web version of the instant messaging platform will not work for certain browsers.

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Due to compatibility issues, those users using the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser will have a lot of difficulty opening the web version of WhatsApp.

So that the person when entering WhatsApp from the PC, using this browser, the app will throw a message where it will be warned that it is not available.

Lack of compatibility on mobile devices

WhatsApp had already reported that it would not have compatibility on devices with Android 4 or iOS9 operating systems downwards. This means that mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy 2, LG Optimus Black, and iPhone 4 can no longer run that app.

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What to do if I have Microsoft Edge Legacy?

It is best to update it to Microsoft Edge 80 or switch to more popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

You can also download the WhatsApp app for desktops and you will get several benefits from the instant messaging application.

There is a chance that other apps will stop working on that old Microsoft Edge Legacy browser.

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