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Whatsapp Pay feature started in India, now you will be able to pay while chatting

Tech Desk. The popular messaging platform has been testing its payment service Whatsapp Pay for a long time. After testing started with beta users in the year 2018, this feature is now available to all users in India.
With its help, users will be able to pay on the platform along with chatting. The company owned by Facebook announced that users are getting the new feature on both Android and iOS platforms.
WhatsApp was waiting for approval from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to start payment services in India.
Now NPCI has allowed WhatsApp to start a payment service with the help of UPI but a limit has been imposed on it. NPCI has set a cap of 2 crore users in the first segment of Whatsapp Pay. That is, only such users will get the option to use the payment feature of WhatsApp.

Payment will be done with the help of UPI

WhatsApp’s userbase in India is around 400 million users. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We were working with the National Payments Corporation of India, which decides payment to be secure and trustworthy given everything.
We have done this through India’s Unified Payments Interface, with the help of which users can easily pay for companies offering services on different apps.
10 local languages ​​support
Whatsapp Pay is available in 10 local languages ​​of India and iOS and Android users can use it on the latest version of the app. For this, it is necessary for WhatsApp users to have a debit card of any UPI-supported bank.
WhatsApp started testing its payment system in February 2018. By June of the same year, according to WhatsApp, Karih was testing the 1 million users’ payment system.

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