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WhatsApp modifies the conditions to report a contact or group

From now on you have to be much more careful when reporting a contact on WhatsApp, since the application will keep, as a test, with the last messages of the reported user.

It is likely that from now on you will have to think twice before reporting a user on WhatsApp, because the company has modified the conditions to report both a contact and a group, and you could also be involved.

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Right now, when you report a particular contact, we are simply told that if we report the messages will disappear and that account will be blocked for you. This is causing a lot of people to use the report function meaninglessly simply for revenge.

WhatsApp, as it receives reports from a contact, considers different factors such as the number of reports received and at what time, to know if it permanently blocks it or not. And it will not have been the first time that someone, out of revenge or some anger, has reported you without much sense, and that is why WhatsApp wants to take measures now demanding evidence


Well, with the current beta version of WhatsApp, right now, a new way of verifying if our report to contact, be it a particular, group or company, is reliable and for this, it will be clarified that they will receive a copy of the last messages of the reported user

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In this way, the next time you report to a contact, you should be aware that WhatsApp will have a test to know if your report makes sense or not. 

So if you decide to report, you would set aside the privacy of the reporter, but at the same time, you would risk that if you report meaninglessly, the situation could turn against you. In any case, it is unknown whether WhatsApp would take action against those who use the reporting function without just cause.


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