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WhatsApp: How to download and save GIFs

The beginnings of WhatsApp are marked by being characterized by the exchange of text as the only form of communication. However, later the platform added other elements such as stickers, emoji, audios, videos, and GIFs.

The GIF is one of those elements that has become very popular among users, especially in the groups of the application owned by Facebook, where with a small clip of a few seconds they communicate great things.

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That is why below you will learn how to download and save GIFs that you do not necessarily see within the instant messaging platform.

Step by step to send a GIF

To send a GIF the user must go to the chat of the contact where he wants to send the multimedia file, then select the emoji, and then select GIF, at that moment he must write a keyword that describes the type of file he wants to send and the internal search engine will show the best results to send.

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In the event that you have seen a GIF on another platform you must:

  • Login to Giphy
  • Write the subject of the GIF you want to find
  • You must open it and hold it down to select the option to download the image.

This way your GIF stays inside the mobile device ready to be sent.

Search GIF on Google

You can do the same step by step with Google and after downloading the image you can now search for it as a file in your folders instead of the direct access provided by the platform.

Send GIF from WhatsApp Web

To do this step by step on a computer, you must convert the file format in order to send it.

  • Head over to OnlineConverter and select the Video Converter option.
  • Upload the .gif file you have on your computer.
  • Convert it to MP4 by following the steps that the same website indicates.
  • Download the video.
  • Go to WhatsApp Web and click on the Attach Photo and Video tab.
  • Look in the Downloads folder for the file you just downloaded and select it.
  • Send the message with the GIF video.
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