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What did Germany do to fight Corona that people have started climbing on tanks

Thousands of people took to the streets in the capital Berlin on Wednesday in thousands of people battling the Corona virus. These protesters strongly opposed the lockdown move of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. A large number of anti-riot police were deployed to remove the protesters. The police tried to drive away the protesters by splashing water. The condition was that a protestor climbed the Soviet-era T300 tank and began to protest the corona virus lockdown.

Protesters chant ‘Shem, Shem’ slogans

The crowd did not wear the mask even after German police warned several times. Meanwhile, the police have said that they will detain those who violate the corona virus lockdown. When the police showered water on the protesters, they started raising slogans of ‘Shem, Shem’. The protesters also refused to move out of the protest venue. After this, the police took away some people from there.

5 thousand hardcore protesters arrive at Brandenburg Gate


Meanwhile, some protesters fired firecrackers and burnt fire when police arrived at the chopper demonstration site. Germany’s government banned demonstrations outside parliament after police warned protesters to hold violent demonstrations. After this, around 5000 hardcore protesters reached Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Those organizing the demonstration said that the government wanted to impose ‘dictatorship’ by imposing lockdown.

Performing with a picture of Donald Trump

Earlier, the government had taken several stringent measures to curb the corona virus in Germany. Protesters are demonstrating against these steps. One protester wrote on his placard, “We want our lives back and banks should be kept under surveillance rather than citizens.” One protester had taken the picture of the outgoing President of America, Donald Trump.


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