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What did Barak write in the book about Rahul Gandhi that trend started on Twitter – #Mafe_Mang_Obama

Former US President Barack Obama has come into the discussion regarding his memoir ‘A Promised Land’. Social media has created a ruckus on what Barack Obama has said about Rahul Gandhi in his book ‘A Promised Land’. The uproar is so much that the hashtag ‘#Money_Mong_Obama’ on Twitter is trending a lot. However, on the pretext, some people are also taunting Rahul Gandhi. In fact, former US President Barack Obama has mentioned Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his memoir ‘A Promised Land’. In this, Obama says that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has the qualities of a ‘nervous’ student who wants to impress his teacher but lacks the ability and passion to master the ‘subject’.

What has Obama said about Rahul Gandhi
The New York Times has reviewed Obama’s memoir ‘A Promised Land’. In this, the former President has also talked on topics other than political leaders from all over the world. According to a review published in the New York Times, Obama says about Rahul Gandhi that ‘he has the qualities of a’ bewildered ‘and uncouth student who has completed his entire course and wants to impress his teacher But it lacks the ability to master the subject or passion. In the memoirs, Obama also mentioned Rahul’s mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Lack of ability and passion … Barack Obama mentioned Rahul Gandhi in his book, know what he said about Sonia-Manmohan

Anger against Obama on Twitter
Indian social media users did not like to mention Rahul Gandhi in this book in Obama’s book. He has launched a campaign against Obama on Twitter, trending with the #Mafi_Mong_Obama hashtag. One user wrote that we condemn the way Obama has used the language for Rahul Gandhi.

Another user has appealed to all Indians to unfollow Obama. Some people have tried to pinch this too. There are a lot of reactions on Twitter which are kind of funny accent.

One user wrote tauntingly that Obama is directly calling Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’. Also, the way the reactions are coming on Twitter, it has both Congress supporters and BJP supporters. People of both camps are reacting differently to this.

What else does it say
The review stated, ‘We are told about the handsom of men like Charlie Crist and Rahm Emanuel but not about the beauty of women. Only one or two examples are exceptions like Sonia Gandhi. The review says that both former US Defense Minister Bob Gates and former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh have absolutely impeccable honesty.

It added that Russian President Vladimir Putin reminds Obama of the strong, clever boss who runs the Chicago machine. Regarding Putin, Obama writes, ‘physically’ he is ordinary. This 768-page memoir of Obama is going to hit the market on November 17. America’s first African-American President Obama visited India twice during his tenure in 2010 and 2015.


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