Wenger wants automated offside system for 2022 World Cup

A new reform could emerge by the kickoff of the 2022 World Cup. FIFA could install the automatic offside system, says Arsene Wenger in the columns of The Times.

After goal-line technology and video refereeing, a new system could support referees during the 2022 World Cup.

According to Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s football development manager, automatic offside should be ready by the start of the competition. This new innovation would assist the referee by providing him with additional information to make a decision as quickly as possible. Thus, this system could automatically and instantly detect the position of a player targeted by a pass.

Wenger confident for 2022

Asked by the British daily The Times, Arsène Wenger said that this automatic offside system should be able to be used soon: “I am making a lot of efforts to have automated offside. I think it will be ready for 2022. “

With this system, the objective is to reduce the sometimes very long decision time of the referee to determine an offside, even when he has video assistance, as the former coach of the Gunners confirms: “In average, we have to wait around 70 seconds, sometimes 1 minute and 20 seconds … This is so important because we see that many celebrations are canceled afterwards for marginal situations. “


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