Wednesday Special: On Wednesday, these tasks remove all the obstacles in the house, pave the way for economic

Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 (Photo Credits: Latestly)

According to Hindu religion, the day of Budhwar is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the God of Wisdom. It is said that on this day some things should be done so that Lord Shrinesh will be pleased, and his majesty will bring happiness in your life through various mediums, all obstacles coming in your way should be removed. Some such remedies are specified in astrology, which can be benefited by completing on Wednesday, then let us know if you do one or more of these 11 works of Ganapati Bappa, then your evil planets can be overcome. Read also: Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi 2021: Importance of Ganesh Sankashti Chaturthi? Learn the date, method of worship, Muhurta, and Katha!

Tantric remedies are implemented by our energies, and give quick results. After bathing in the morning, on Wednesday morning, take 7 unbroken caudis and some pulses of moong and tie them in green cloth and keep them on the stairs of a temple. Secrecy is very important in tantric measures, so keep in mind that do this work without informing anyone and no one interrupts you while placing this material on the stairs of the temple. By doing this, all your troubles can be removed.

* If your work is going to deteriorate suddenly due to some kind of disturbance, after meditating the bath on Wednesday, recite Lord Ganesha’s distress source and pray to Ganesh ji for the perfection of the intended work. By doing this, all your work will be completed successfully.

* It is considered auspicious to please the eunuchs on Wednesday by paying some money. On this day, take some money from the eunuch and tie it in a piece of green cloth and show it incense smoke and keep it in the temple of the house, you will never face any financial problem in any work.

* If financial problems, diseases and unrest have been going on in your house for a long time, then understand that some negative forces have entered your house, by cleaning the house on the Wednesday of Shuklapaksha of a English month in the temple. After installing the white colored idol of Ganesh ji, worship him duly. By doing this any kind of negative forces will end and your house will be full of happiness.

* After bathing on Wednesday, while worshiping Lord Shriganesh with milk obtained from saffron, financial status is strong.

* After meditating on the bath on Wednesday, while worshiping 11 Durva, lightly soaked in turmeric paste and offering it to Ganesha, there will not be any possible obstacles in the marriage,

* During the puja on Wednesday, women of the house should offer vermilion to Ganesh ji. By doing this, all the problems of your family and family are overcome.

* If you are constantly facing problems due to debt, then on Wednesday, boil a hundred grams of moong dal and mix pure ghee and sugar and feed it to a cow, then you can get rid of debt. Your business grows.

* On Wednesday, feeding the cow with green vegetables, green grass, green fodder, eradicates the disturbance of the house, and attains opulence.

* By reciting Shri Ram Charitman’s Kishkindha scandal on Wednesday, your Mercury planet gets strengthened, all your problems go away.

* Economic crisis can be overcome by offering 11 bales of Durva to Lord Shiva and Ganesh ji on Shivling on Wednesday.

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