We tested the cheapest Taycan and good news, it’s still a Porsche

Like many manufacturers, Porsche declines its models. This is also the case for the brand’s first electric sports car, which in 2021 becomes… more “affordable”. After the Taycan 4S, the Taycan Turbo and the Turbo S, it will now be necessary to reckon with the Taycan itself … before a future Cross Turismo, that is to say the station wagon version.

But what is an umpteenth Taycan doing in the range? Lower the price of the entrance ticket. Sold from 86,000 euros, or 23,000 euros less than the 4S, this version of the Taycan is also the cheapest in the catalog. But with one less engine can we still speak of an electric 911?

Identical design in all respects

Externally, it is the same (beautiful) car. This point deserves to be underlined as certain manufacturers have tended, in the past, to modify the proportions of their less prestigious sports models. With the Taycan, none of that, we find the same aesthetic attributes as on the most expensive version, the Turbo S.

The same inside

The same goes for the interior. Downgrading does not translate into a loss of quality of finishes or equipment. Thus, we find this curved screen of nearly 17 inches for instrumentation, the 11-inch screen for infotainment and a final screen for managing the atmosphere on board. Finally, as an option, it is possible to add a fourth screen for the passenger, identical to the central screen.

As for the Taycan Turbo S, we are not particularly seduced by the German onboard system, quite sad and above all not very intuitive. On this point, Porsche clearly has a lot of room for improvement, and its most informed owners will be satisfied with CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility, wireless of course.

Finally, the last similarity is not as visible, but is just as essential: it concerns the battery. On the entry-level Taycan, two options are possible, 79.2 kWh or 93.4 kWh, that is to say between 404 and 484 km of theoretical autonomy.

Less expensive, therefore less powerful

Now let’s come to the differences and the most important of them: one less engine. We hear, the less powerful Porsche is still a Porsche. That is to say with a minimum of 408 hp. On our test version equipped with the large capacity battery, this power reached 476 hp for 357 Nm of torque. Admittedly, the 0 to 100 km / h takes a little longer than in Turbo S, but the sensations are still there. The less engine matters, but the location from which it was taken also weighs on the behavior of the vehicle. Indeed, by removing the front engine, Porsche makes this Taycan a propulsion, and who says propulsion says very playful car and especially potential slips with the rear axle. This brings us to speak directly about the performance of this Taycan.

Less horses, less fun?

We had the chance to test this Taycan on the Bosch circuit, near Reims, and more particularly on three drift workshops. The first lesson to be learned from this exercise is the excellent behavior of the car’s electronic assistance systems. In fact, when the PSM is activated, that is to say when the ABS and the anti-skid system are managed by the computer of the vehicle, it is very difficult to fault it and make it waltz.

It was only by deactivating the PSM on a wet track that we succeeded in some very nice slips. Conclusion: despite this loss of power and this less engine, the Taycan is no less fun to drive, on the contrary. Always very dynamic thanks to a very controlled chassis, it becomes more playful without giving the impression of forcing. On the road, it’s obviously quieter, but its ability to wind the bends of small nationals regularly puts a smile on the back of her mouth.

Trial verdict:

In the end, thanks to this perfectly controlled chassis and Porsche’s know-how in terms of engine, the Taycan, called propulsion, achieves hyper dynamic behavior, while remaining comfortable. Above all, the driving feeling of Porsche is very present, including on the entry level. The impression of being in an electric 911 is less strong than in a Turbo S, but all the same, the contract is more than fulfilled.


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