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Was born in a small village .. Who was Ahmed Patel, know his word

Strong Congress leader Ahmed Patel died on Wednesday morning. Patel, 71, was infected with Corona. On Wednesday morning, his son Faisal Patel released a statement on Twitter and said that Ahmed Patel has passed away. Born in the Pyraman village of Bharuch, Ahmed Patel contested the Lok Sabha elections for the first time in 1977 and was victorious. In an interview given to Mumbai Mirror last year, Patel shared things related to his personal life. Come on know Ahmed patel Owes to them

I was born in Pyraman, a small village in Bharuch. My father Ishaqbhai was the first person who inspired me to go into politics. I then contested the first election of my life in 1976, which was a panchayat election. In 1977, a senior Congress leader Harisingh Bhai Mahida saw talent in me and suggested my name to the central leadership for the Bharuch Lok Sabha seat.

Father’s demise broke
My father died at this time. I was completely broke and going through the worst phase of my life. It was the post-Emergency period. When the election results came, I had won from Bharuch by 64 thousand votes but the Congress party had lost badly. At the age of 28, I had become an MP. Even after the defeat, I was greatly inspired to see Indira ji working with enthusiasm and positivity. He inspired me to always be connected to the land.

It was Indiraji’s inspiration that I remained connected with Bharuch even after all the defeats and victories in my life. That was in the year 1986. It had been two years since Indiraji’s assassination. This year I decided that I would not take any ministerial post and would only work for the organization. Rajivji was then in active politics and in the 80s he was the general secretary of AICC. He inspired me to have unlimited energy and honesty.

Join Rajiv Gandhi’s team
After the unfortunate killing of Indiraji, I went close to Rajiv ji. I saw him as someone with no sense of revenge. He was innocent but also strong. He was soft-spoken but also very vocal. I became Rajiv Gandhi’s Parliamentary Secretary when I was 35 years old. We did a great job and made a great team.

Rajiv Gandhi had a rally in Amod on 16 May 1991. After the rally in Baroda, when he was boarding a plane to go to Delhi, suddenly he turned back and said, we should take a picture together. I said that we will take it next time, but the one who started giving that we should take a photo. Within the next 120 hours we lost them. He was killed in Sriperumbudur.

True nationalism learned from Rajiv ji
I shocked. I still remember, during the signing of the Punjab and Assam Peace Accord, he told me twice that the nation should always be above politics. He had said that he is sure that the Congress will face difficulties but this agreement is important for our country. I asked him many times and every time he said that he has no regrets because he was doing this for the country. I learned from him that this is true nationalism.

After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, my life was difficult but I continued to draw inspiration from my time with him. Rajiv ji was my superhero. He always helped me unconditionally, so I decided that I would give unconditional services to the Congress for life. I worked as the political secretary of Mrs Gandhi (Sonia) for 14 years. His exemplary vision, power and sense of gratitude inspired me.

Sonia gave support on daughter-in-law’s death
My biggest personal loss was the death of my daughter-in-law in 2016. Whenever I see my son and my granddaughter, I remember the support given by Sonia Gandhi, despite the tragedies of her personal life.

Inspiring to work with Rahul Gandhi
Working with Rahul Gandhi is also inspiring because he too trusts the power of youth. Rajivji believed that youth should play a big role in mainstream politics and it was his legacy that I wanted to carry forward. This is what Rahul ji is doing. His vision is not limited to the Congress but to a better India. Writing this piece is a different experience for me, and before I finish it, let me tell a little more about myself that I am very media shy.


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