Volvo guarantees its spare parts for life

The Swedish brand has recently launched a very important service: ” Lifetime Volvo Parts Warranty “. Volvo comments in its statement that from now on the owner of a Volvo will have all those parts paid for by the customer that has been used in the repair covered.
Yes, this warranty has no time or mileage limits. Logically, this service is not applicable to wear parts, such as a clutch or brake discs, to give two simple examples. In addition, and as is also logical, they must be official parts used in the repair of that car and in a workshop of the brand’s specialized network.
To this must be added that, in the event of having to replace any spare part again, this guarantee element will be replaced at no cost to the customer. In other words, as Volvo confirms, absolutely no labor will be charged either.
This program is applicable to all repairs carried out in the official Volvo network in Spain and paid for by the customer since last October 1. This warranty is applicable nationally, regardless of the official Volvo workshop where the first repair is made.
As many of you know, Volvo is a brand that always shows a special interest in keeping its customers “happy”. ” At Volvo, we know that taking care of our vehicles we take care of our customers .” It is a good way to help the customer feel comfortable and satisfied with the service provided by this brand.
Of course, it seems that if the customer sells his car, the new owner loses warranty rights on repairs made when it was owned by the previous owner. We also do not know if this service requires each and every one of the usual inspections to be carried out at a Volvo center.

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