Voice clips, podcasts, live rooms … Facebook unveils new audio services

As we announced yesterday, Facebook has just formalized the arrival of several features based on an audio experience. The social network intends to catch up, but especially hopes to get its share of the pie in the field, with its most awaited novelty, the Live Audio Rooms, its competitor of Clubhouse.

Rooms audio version

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is resuming the format of its Rooms launched last year to compete with Zoom, this time in an audio-only format. These Live Audio Rooms are currently being tested within Facebook groups, but also for public figures such as athletes, actors, singers, etc. so that they can “create a discussion forum without having the pressure of the camera”. Live Audio Rooms are also expected to arrive in Messenger during the summer for all users to enjoy with their friends.

Publish audio creations on your wall

Facebook wants to give you a voice. And not just to post voicemail messages on your wall. The social network took advantage of its announcement to unveil new audio creation and recording tools. Like the tools already on offer for photos and videos, Facebook presents its new audio toolkit as a pocket-sized mini studio, powerful enough for professionals, and intuitive and fun enough for the general public. In addition to recording the voice, this tool can be used to integrate music from the Facebook sound library in the background. Everything can be mixed with effects, sounds and filters to dress this interlude.

All of these tools can be used to create Soundbites, understand, short audio clips, which will first be tested with a small group of creators in the coming months.

Listen to podcasts without leaving Facebook

Finally, Facebook has just announced that its application will offer in the coming months to listen to podcasts directly in its application, but also with the application open in the background. And to help you discover new content, the social network will automatically suggest episodes to follow based on your interests, offer you to comment on them and recommend them to your friends. Facebook explains above all that the arrival of podcasts on its platform will allow creators to reach a new audience, but also to interact with them more easily.

All of the new audio features presented by Facebook have been designed to work together. The social network explains that the Live Audio Rooms can, if their creators wish, be transformed into podcasts so that everyone can listen to them later. In addition, podcast creators will be able to use the Soundbites feature to promote their podcasts by sharing a short clip with their community.

Also to discover in video:

All these audio experiences can also be automatically subtitled to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Eventually, Facebook wants to allow its users to listen to most of the videos posted on the platform when the app is running in the background. Obviously, all these new audio creations can be monetized. This may be in the form of donations to support creators, but some content may also only be accessible after paying an “entry fee” in the form of a one-time purchase or subscription.

Source: Facebook


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