Vodafone expensive redx postpaid plan, know what changed

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Vodafone has increased the price of one of its Dhansu plans. This is the premium RedX postpaid plan of Vodafone. This plan of Vodafone has now become Rs 1,099. For this premium plan, Vodafone used to charge customers Rs 999 every month. This premium plan of Vodafone promises to provide priority 4G network with fast data speed. Vodafone has maintained the benefits offered in its RedX plan, including annual subscriptions to entertainment apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5 and Vodafone Play.
Learn what changed in Vodafone’s plan

However, Vodafone has now highlighted that subscribers calling more than 300 unique numbers in a week will be classified as commercial users. Apart from this, Vodafone has said that subscribers with more than 150GB of data usage with voice usage of less than 50 minutes will be classified as commercial users.

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Vodafone revises RedX plan

Vodafone’s RedX plan allows users to have unlimited data and unlimited calling. Apart from this, users get access to entertainment apps like Netflix, Zee5 and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, RedX users can enable a 7-day iRoam pack every 12 months at no extra cost. The price of this pack is Rs 2,999. Vodafone provides access to 4 airport lounges every year under this plan. Vodafone offers special ISD rates for 14 countries to its RedX plan subscribers. The US and Canada charge 50 paise per minute, while the UK charges 3 rupees per minute. Apart from this, 10% flat off is given for hotel booking through Hotel.com.

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Commercial Use Policy for RedX Plan

Vodafone has said that subscribers with a cumulative incoming call duration of less than 15 minutes in 1 week will be considered as commercial users. The company has also stated that subscribers with more than 300 minutes of outgoing call durations a day will also be considered commercial users.

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