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Viral video: AK-47 given as a gift to the groom in Pakistan

Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Arun Bothra is often on social media for his interesting tweets. This time he has shared a video of a wedding in neighboring Pakistan. In this video, the groom has received an AK-47 assault rifle as a wedding present. Everyone is stunned by this. This video has been viewed more than 33 thousand times in 24 hours.

IPS Bothra has described this gift as a mentality supporting Pakistan’s terrorism and terror. She tweeted the video and wrote, “Gifts and happiness … mentality of our neighborhood, which has caused so much bloodshed all around us.”

Actually, aerial firing incidents at weddings or other ceremonies are very common, but giving an AK-47 assault rifle as a gift is an unusual and very strange mindset.

It can be seen in the video that the bride and groom are sitting together on the stage. Then a woman comes on stage and congratulates and wishes the groom. Simultaneously she takes an AK-47 assault rifle from her partner and hands it over to the groom. During this time, the people present in the wedding cheers by playing tremendous applause. The groom also holds the rifle and poses for the photo. On the other hand, the groom, seeing this view, smiles dimly in shame.


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