Vincent Queijo and Rym, surprise move to Dubai: the reasons for this unexpected choice

Surprise! Vincent Queijo, his partner Rym and their adorable daughter Maria-Valentina, born in September 2020, are leaving France. It is in Dubai that the couple from the world of reality TV settled. Thursday, January 14, 2021, on his Snapchat account, the young dad revealed in Secret Story 7 in 2013 explains the reasons for this choice which his fans did not expect.

Vincent Queijo, who first says that with Rym and Maria-Valentina, they live “in a very nice apartment, in a very family neighborhood“, estimate that “it was becoming a little anxiety-provoking in France“.”We had a small apartment, it was difficult to find anything else. We needed to get together a bit. Our daughter has her room now, and that’s a real relief“, he explains.

And to admit that Dubai was not his first choice. With his fiancée met on the set of season 5 of The Villa of Broken Hearts in 2019, they had planned to set course for Portugal or Spain. “It is always an option in our life, know it. It’s just that the health situation in Portugal is causing them to reconfine. In Spain, too, it’s a bit complicated, continues Vincent Queijo. These projects therefore could not be completed, but there are still projects for later.

A new family life in Dubai, for a few months at least

Lovers, stars of Moms & Famous, seem delighted to be packing in Dubai but are not yet sure about their future there: it is currently a temporary move. “We’re not going to change our life. I think everyone leads their life in their own way and we want to keep this very family universe, all three of us. It may surprise some people that we’re here, but here we are for four months, It’s certain, launches Vincent Queijo. After, this summer, we will travel to Spain and Portugal, and then we will advise. In any case, we are very happy. I am very happy I see my wife very smiling.

For his part, Rym Renom also spoke. “I don’t understand what you have against Dubai. It’s great to be here. I don’t see the downside. Just because there have been stories here in Dubai of people not getting along that this city should be overlooked.. There are problems everywhere, she says. You have to respect people’s lives and choices… In any case, we’re very happy to be here… Dubai is also great for the content, the people are great and the climate is great.

Dubai, paradise for reality TV contestants

Remember that Vincent Queijo is of Portuguese origin and that his beautiful Rym Renom left Morocco at the age of 10 to settle in Spain. By settling in Dubai, the couple joined many of their comrades who are also reality TV candidates. Indeed, Jazz and its JLC Family, Jessica Thivenin and her husband Thibault Garcia, Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti, Stéphanie Durant and her lover Théo, Tarek Benattia and her beautiful Camélia, Benjamin Samat, Maddy Burciaga or even Fidji Ruiz now live in the city ​​of excess. Nabilla and her husband Thomas Vergara as well as Caroline Receveur and her darling Hugo Philip have also settled in Dubai.

It must be said that the advantages are numerous. Safety is maximum, the weather is fine, no income or corporate taxes, a real estate market much more accessible than in Paris, many ideal activities for children and families … How can you resist?


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