VI Nations: the Blue close to the feat but beaten in the final by England

The XV of France lost to England (10-6) this Saturday in the final of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament. At the end of a suspenseful final, the Blue held up well but failed to score a single try.

They were promised Hell but the players of the XV of France resisted well this Saturday against England. Faced with one of the two best nations in the world, the Blue showed a beautiful face but lost in the final of the Women’s VI Nations Tournament (7-6) on the lawn of the Twickenham Stoop in London. After their demonstrations against Wales (53-0) and Ireland (15-56), the French this time lacked a little realism against the XV de la Rose.

“You have to raise your head, we walked on them anyway. They did not manage to set up their game, launched Rose Bernadou for France 2 after this cruel defeat. They fell balloons, they messed up their game project. We pissed them off and what we wanted. “

Les Bleues trapped before half-time

After a rhythmic start to the match but where errors and some offensive faults thwarted French and English actions, it was not until half an hour into the game to see the first big opportunity of the match.

Emilie Boulard came close to the first try of the match in the 30th minute of this final. On a nice shift from Romane Ménager, who passed the ball to him after contact, the French back pierced the English defense and continued his effort into the opponent’s in-goal.

A try finally refused, and the Blues then saw Caroline Drouin miss her attempt to come back in the game on the next penalty.

After having let their luck pass, the French players underwent the effectiveness of the Xv de la Rose. On a penalty played quickly five meters from the French in-goal, the English number 8 Poppy Cleall flattened very close to the posts. After two first misses at the foot, Emiliy Scarrat transformed to launch the English (7-0, 40th).

France narrowly fails

Les Bleues could have collapsed after returning from the locker room. But no, the protected Annick Hayraud did not give up and finally managed to score their first points on a penalty from Caroline Drouin (7-3, 46th).

Despite a great riot of energy, the English defense held on and took advantage of some tricolor clumsiness in attack to preserve its meager advantage. With twelve penalties on the English side and ten on the French side, neither team has managed to really set up its game.

It was not until the last quarter of an hour of play to see the French rush in attack and give everything to afford a great feat. Caroline Drouin scored three new points, with the help of the post, on the penalty of hope (7-6, 72).

Despite the envy of the French, the English closed the game. Rather than take the points on two well-placed penalties offered by the French defense, England turned the clock to secure their victory. A final penalty won by Emiliy Scarrat just before the siren (10-6, 79th) concluded the show. Despite their bravery, the players of the XV of France left the victory and the title in this Six Nations Tournament to England.


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