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Vegetable rates in many cities increased to half in many cities in Delhi

For the last 10 days, farmers have been living on the borders of Delhi. Farmers have been gearing up for an all-out fight against the Modi government against the new agricultural laws. Farmers’ organizations have announced a Bharat Bandh on 8 December. This is affecting the vegetables of the farmers along with the business. Vegetables are not able to reach the mandis of Delhi, due to which they have to sell in local mandis at a quarter to one price.

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The rates of vegetables of Moradabad farmers have fallen badly. The transport system has been affected by the farmers’ movement, whose farmers in Uttar Pradesh are suffering due to this. His stock of vegetables has become so high that he has to sell at any rate. A vegetable seller in Moradabad says that the rate of cauliflower has come down from Rs 10 to Rs 4 per kg due to lack of supply in Delhi mandi.

On the other hand, if we talk about Delhi, the arrival of fruits and vegetables in Delhi on Friday was 9476 tonnes (4662 fruits, 4614, vegetables) while on Thursday the arrival of fruits and vegetables was 8000 tonnes. As far as the normal days are concerned, the arrival of 12 to 13 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables is in normal days.

Adil Ahmed Khan, Chairman of Azadpur Mandi Committee, says that though the movement of fruits and vegetables in Delhi may have affected the farmer movement, the supply is adequate. Prices are constant. However, a lot of things depend on the forthcoming strategy of the movement. If farmers speed up the movement and all roads are closed, then there may be a decrease in supply due to complete disruption of arrivals, prices may rise.

Fruit and vegetable prices in Delhi

Vegetable fruit Wholesale (Friday)

Wholesale Price (Thursday)

Retail price (friday)
potato 28 26.5 40 to 50 rupees
onion 22.25 22.25 40 to 50 rupees
tomatoes 24.25 24.25 40 to 60
Gourd 12.5 12.5 20 to 25
ladyfinger 33 33 40 to 60
peas 35.5 43 50 to 60
Apple 58 57 80 to 120 rupees

(Note: Wholesale prices are from Azadpur mandi. Retail prices are from different markets in Delhi.)


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