US aggressive to deal with China’s challenges, President Biden announced new task force

Due to China’s interference in the corona virus, tensions between the US and China still remain. At the same time, US President Joe Biden has announced a special task force to deal with China’s challenges. During the Pentagon Tour, President Joe Biden interacted with Chinese President Xi Jinping and also greeted the Chinese people for the Lunar New Year.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden said that this review was very important, so that we can move strongly against China’s strategy. At the same time, he said that America needs to put a stop to the growing challenges posed by China to maintain peace and protect America in the Indo-Pacific and the world.


During his visit to the Pentagon, US President Joe Biden said a review of high-priority matters related to Beijing would be expedited, including bilateral defense relations intelligence and the US alliance and partnership. He said the Pentagon’s review also needs support from both political parties and parliament as well as allies and other partnerships.

For this, he has asked to issue a recommendation in the next four months. He also said that America needs to increase its capabilities in cyberspace.


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