US: A fire near the Capitol two days before Joe Biden was sworn in, security alert issued

In the US, those attending the rehearsal for the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected President Joe Biden were removed from the West Front of the Capitol Building on Monday at the behest of security officials. Officials said that these people were evacuated after setting fire to some distance from there. Due to this, a security alert was also issued for some time.

According to officials, an army band was among the people gathered there. Officials said that these people were asked to walk in and move to a safe place in the Capitol premises. According to those involved in the rehearsal, security officials said, “This is not a drill.” Four law enforcement officials said a fire broke out a few blocks away and the rehearsal site was evacuated as a precaution.

Earlier, a man was arrested by the police on Friday with a gun and 500 bullets near Capitol Hill. The accused also had a ‘fake’ pass of Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. The accused hid the gun and bullets inside his truck. The arrested accused have been identified as Wesley A. Biller (31). After being caught, Biller said that he accidentally came away with gun and bullets.

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Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 20, and tight security arrangements have been made in view of the threat of violence by Trump supporters.

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