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United Nations Day: Why We Celebrate Today, Importance of the day, Send Greetings to your friends

United Nations Day Importance of the Day:

United Nations Day is celebrated every year on 24 October. United Nations Day is celebrated to inform the people of the world about the goals and achievements of the United Nations Organization.

This day came into existence in 1945. It is an organization that works closely with many specialized agencies.

United Nations Organization helps people in both types of disasters whether it is a natural disaster or a disaster caused by war. The main goal of this organization is to help the victims.

united nations day

United Nations Day is a part of United Nations Week, which takes place from 20 to 26 October. United Nations Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the United Nations Charter, which came into existence in 1945, and to celebrate the work of this organization.

The United Nations, as an organization, is well known by everyone worldwide. Both of these disasters, whether natural or caused by war, participate in these aid activities at the time of every disaster.

They offer to provide clean water, food, and places for rest and recovery in places where people need medical help.

united nations day

United Nations Day celebrates the foundation day of this great organization and is a great opportunity for you to know about the past, present, and future plans of this organization.

The United Nations (UN), the world’s largest international organization, has completed 75 years. In these 75 years, the UN has taken many effective measures for peace in the world, settlement of international disputes, hunger prevention, and social unity.

The world celebrates United Nations Day on 24 October. In such a situation, it is important to know some special things about this organization.

happy united nations day

Why was this organization created?

During the second world war, many countries were badly entangled. In that era of severe frenzy, the need was felt for an organization that could settle disputes between countries.

Also, they can take decisions on issues related to humanity on which no country is entitled to take decisions alone.

This organization was formed keeping in mind the issues of security-peace, climate change, human rights terrorism, gender equality around the world.

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How did the United Nations become an organization?

The name ‘United Nations’ was first used by former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt on 1 January 1942.

This was the second world war, during which a manifesto was prepared for the United Nations by including representatives from 26 countries.

In 1945, an event was held in San Francisco, USA to prepare the United Nations Charter in which representatives from 50 countries of the world took part.

happy united nations day


  • This charter was signed by 50 countries of the world on 26 June 1945.
  • Poland was not a part of it, but later this country also signed the charter and joined the 51 early members of the organization.
  • The organization was officially established on 24 October. In such a situation, 24 October is celebrated every year as ‘United Nations Day’.
  • India became a part of this organization just 6 days after its founding, i.e. on 30 October 1945.
  • Pakistan gained UN membership on 30 September 1947 after almost 2 years.


happy nations day 193 members

At present, the number of United Nations member countries is 193.

Major organs of the United Nations

  • General Assembly
  • Security Council
  • Economic and Social Council
  • Trusteeship Council
  • International Court of Justice
  • Secretariat

Security Council and India

It is the responsibility of the Security Council of the UN to make decisions on peace and security issues around the world and to keep peace established. The Security Council has a total of 15 members.

Among them, there are 5 permanent members – America, Britain, China, France, Russia. The remaining 10 member countries get 2-year membership.

happy united nations day wishes

The General Assembly has the responsibility to elect members. At present, India is not among the temporary members of the Security Council.

India has been demanding for the last several years that it be recognized as a permanent member of the Security Council. Many countries have also supported this demand of India, while many countries including China and Pakistan are against it.

The official language of the United Nations

Officially the United Nations has 6 languages ​​- Arabic, Chinese. English, French, Russian, and Spanish. Every document of the UN is translated into these 6 languages.

United Nations logo and flag

The logo and flag of the United Nations are in a way the special identity of the organization. This logo was prepared by a team of designers in the year 1945.

The team leader was Oliver Lincoln. This logo was recognized on 7 December 1946. At the same time, the UN flag of white color appears on the light blue background in the UN flag.

Former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations. Guterres took over as the 9th General Secretary of the UN in the year 2017.

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