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UN recognizes cannabis as a medicine, ‘friend’ made in India-Pakistan

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in the form of intoxication and medicine in the entire world including the Indian subcontinent. Now in the historic vote in the United Nations, cannabis has finally been recognized as a medicine. The United Nations Commission on Drugs has removed it from the list of narcotics following a recommendation from the World Health Organization. Earlier it was said that cannabis is much less beneficial in terms of health. The UN drug list also included heroin cannabis. Let’s know the whole matter …

India and Pakistan came together on cannabis

Non-medical use of cannabis is still banned despite being recognized as a medicine in the United Nations. The United Nations voted to be removed from the banned drug list. In this, 27 members voted in favor and 25 members voted against it. During historic voting, the United States and Britain voted in favor of the change. On the other hand, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Russia opposed this change. After the recognition of the United Nations, it will benefit those countries where the demand for cannabis medicine is increasing. Also, research on the use of cannabis as a medicine may increase.

Used to treat cannabis in 50 countries


Cannabis has been used in India for thousands of years. Cannabis is also used in religious rituals. In China, cannabis has been used as a medicine in China in the 15th century BC, and in Egypt and ancient Greece. After the United Nations recognizes this, it can now inspire more countries to use cannabis as a medicine. The use of cannabis treatment has been recognized in more than 50 countries worldwide. The use of cannabis as an amateur has been recognized in 15 states of Canada, Uruguay and the United States. It is also used indiscriminately in India. Holi increases its demand even more. Now Mexico and Luxembourg are also going to recognize cannabis.

‘Ban on cannabis results from colonial thinking’

An NGO involved in drug reforms said that the recognition of cannabis from the United Nations is very good news for millions of people. Such people use cannabis as a medicine. It also shows the increasing demand for cannabis-based medicines. She said that the demand for its use as medicine was long overdue. The ban on cannabis was a result of colonial thinking and racism. Banning the use of cannabis has led to the conviction of crores of people worldwide.


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