UFC: Jones wants to hit the jackpot to face Ngannou

Now that Francis Ngannou is heavyweight champion in the UFC, every MMA fan in the world is clamoring for a fight against Jon Jones. The two warriors agree in principle, but the American made it clear that he would not go rubbing shoulders with the Cameroonian bulldozer without having the assurance of receiving a very nice check.

It should be one of the next UFC superfights. After having defeated Stipe Miocic last weekend in the octagon, to seize the heavyweight belt, Francis Ngannou directly mentioned a duel against Jon Jones, the former king of the light heavyweights, who will rise to the top. ‘a category.

The Cameroonian wants to face the American, the American wants to face the Cameroonian, but a financial agreement must still be found. As often in the business of combat sports, the negotiations promise to be tough. Especially since Jones, as he explained on social media on Wednesday, has no intention of rubbing Ngannou’s destructive fists for glory.

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“A sum between eight and ten million dollars would be far too small for a fight of this magnitude”

“I had a brief phone meeting with the lawyer for the UFC a few days ago, he detailed. At the moment, I have told him that a sum between eight and ten million dollars would be way too low for a fight of this magnitude. That’s all we’ve been discussing so far. I’m supposed to wait for their offer. I really hope the numbers aren’t that low. We’ll see. Good. What I do know is that I have never seen so many people so excited about a fight like this. “

“I have been working like a patient for years”

Quickly criticized for judging as “far too low” a sum of $ 10 million, the MMA bad boy then justified himself. “I’ve been working like a sick man for years,” he continued. “There were concussions, operations, all of that in the toughest competition the UFC had to offer in my 20s, for about two million dollars per fight. I’m just trying to get what I deserve, for the fight we all want. (…) I believe I was grossly underpaid throughout my twenties . I’m not complaining. I just want the future to be okay. “

And Jon Jones to turn the sauce up: “I feel like this fight will be monumental, oppositions like this don’t come up very often in a lifetime. Stopping Francis in my first heavyweight fight would be just amazing. Ali vs. Foreman, but hosted by the UFC. This fight has the potential to draw hundreds of thousands of new fans around the world. I feel it deep inside me. (…) I just want a respectable amount , and not be taken for an idiot to go and have the biggest fight of my life. “


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