UFC jackpot for McGregor, who sells his whiskey for $ 600 million

The highest paid fighter in the world of MMA, Conor McGregor is also a skilled businessman who knows how to climb his bank account out of the cage. Best example with his Proper Twelve whiskey, of which the Irish superstar has just released the majority shareholding for 600 million dollars. While remaining involved in the brand.

He has repeatedly stated his goal of reaching a billion dollars in earnings before the end of his career. He might get there. But his performances in the cage will not be the only ones responsible. Far from there. The highest paid fighter in the world of MMA, of which he is the biggest star, Conor McGregor has been able to develop successful businesses outside the UFC octagon to fill his bank account a little more. With its brand of whiskey, Proper Twelve, at the forefront, which has just allowed it to hit a real jackpot.

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Associated with his manager Audie Attar and entrepreneur Ken Austin (financial partner of the other two in the affair), the Irish fighter has just sold a large part of his shares in the company to switch the majority shareholding to Proximo Spirits , a group that produces, among other things, Kraken rum and Jose Cuervo tequila, and which already owned 49% of Proper Twelve, of which it is now taking control. A deal confirmed by the two parties to the specialized media Shanken News Daily and concluded for the modest sum of … 600 million dollars, an amount which includes the 250 million already paid by Proximo Spirits over the past two years to go from 20 to 49% (the level of shares to which Proximo will rise has not been specified).

McGregor will also keep shares in the company – just like Attar and Austin – and will remain the ambassador and headliner of the brand launched in 2018 and which has since sold more than six million bottles worldwide (including 345,000 cases over the last twelve months according to Austin). His third fight against Dustin Poirier, July 10 in Las Vegas during UFC 264, should according to ESPN be part of a “new big advertising effort” around his whiskey which is no longer really his.

“My baby for life”

McGregor should also keep an active role in decisions around the development of the brand, whose identity and marketing perspective will be preserved, even if he will no longer have the last word. “I founded Proper Twelve less than three years ago and today is a shining star in the spirits industry,” the former UFC feather and lightweight champion said in a statement. . This deal is exciting for my partners and I. The potential is limitless! Our vision for Proper Twelve is to continue its incredible growth and continue to bring new consumers to a now reinvigorated Irish whiskey market. “

And “The Notorious”, which believes in its desire to see Proper Twelve sell “several million cases” (dixit Austin) per year, to get a little more enthusiastic on social networks: “Wow! In just under three years we have gone from a dream to the biggest Irish whiskey in the world! A HUGE step forward for Proper Twelve as we continue to move forward into the next phase in our company history. Thank you to whiskey fans throughout the world. Proper Twelve is my baby for life and I am just starting to heat the barrels! What I have in store will not only put Proper Twelve at the absolute top of Irish whiskey but at all spirits! Next step: world domination. I wake up every day with the zest, the focus and the will to be the best in sport and in business. And the money follows. ” With McGregor, who will be able to continue to sell his whiskey in the Marble Arch pub he has just bought in Dublin (the one where he attacked a man who had refused his invitation to drink it in 2019), he especially makes a lot of small.


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