UEFA have reportedly promised English clubs a large sum to drop the Super League

According to Mundo Deportivo, UEFA has pledged to pay a large sum of money to the six Premier League clubs in order to convince them to leave the Super League. Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have announced their withdrawal from this new elite competition.

Two days. Barely. The Super League did not resist very long in the face of the popular rebellion that was organized in the four corners of Europe. And especially in England, where six clubs were engaged in this new competition imagined so that the powerful continue to enrich themselves. In contempt of others. This concept of a partly closed league is particularly badly passed across the Channel, where supporters, former players and the media have rejected outright the project fomented by Florentino Perez and his friends.

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Some coaches of the founding clubs, such as Pep Guardiola or Jürgen Klopp, expressed their disagreement. Liverpool players have spoken with one voice to oppose this elitist move. The English Federation threatened the six participants with exclusion from the championship. Enough to shatter the Super League. Manchester City were the first to pull out on Tuesday night. Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal quickly followed suit. A turnaround hailed by Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister.

Spanish clubs considered to be leaders

UEFA has also welcomed the situation, reaching out to the separatists. “It’s admirable to admit a mistake,” said Aleksander Ceferin. “They are back now and have a lot to offer not only to our competitions but to European football as a whole. The important thing now is to move on. ‘before, to rebuild the unity that this sport enjoyed before, and to move forward together “. It remains to be seen under what conditions.

But according to Mundo Deportivo, the back-pedaling of English clubs is not only linked to popular pressure. The Catalan daily explains that UEFA has promised them a large sum of money to return to its fold, no doubt via the redistribution of UEFA’s income. No amount is specified. On the other hand, this financial offer would not have been made to the three Spanish teams, Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético de Madrid, considered to be leaders in this coup attempt. Starting with Florentino Perez, the boss of the Merengue club, appointed president of the Super League.


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