UEFA: Ceferin’s powerful message for Super League clubs

Aleksander Ceferin spoke on Tuesday about the Super League at the UEFA congress. The president of the body regretted the choice of the leaders of the rebellious clubs before calling them to find reason for the good of football.

Betrayed by his close friend Andrea Agnelli and attacked by Florentino Perez during the Madrid president’s appearance on Spanish television, Aleksander Ceferin held on. The UEFA president was keen to react firmly to the creation of the Super League by twelve of the biggest European clubs. After having already threatened them with various sanctions on Monday, the Slovenian leader gave them a layer on Tuesday during the executive committee of the European Confederation in Montreux in Switzerland. According to him, the twelve rebellious clubs must not forget where they come from and who gave them their letters of nobility: UEFA and the Champions League.

“For some, supporters have become consumers, supporters have become customers and competitions have become products,” said the UEFA boss from the podium. At the end of the matches, they no longer look at the ranking of the championship but the number of viewers and the percentages donated. Elimination in the Champions League is no longer a sporting failure for some of them but is an industrial risk that some are no longer ready to take. “

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Ceferin tackles the greed of leaders

Besides the lack of sporting merit in the Super League, Aleksander Ceferin also criticized the reason for such a split: the money, again and again the money.

“The last objective for some is no longer to fill the trophy cupboard with clubs but to fill their bank accounts. Selfishness replaces solidarity, said the Slovenian. Some leaders change clubs as they change shirts or even more. faster. Money has become more important than fame, greed more important than loyalty and dividends more important than passion. We hear night and day about owners, owners… But what do they have? Football does not belong to anyone or rather it belongs to everyone. Football is part of our heritage, the Champions League is part of our heritage. “

Cefefin: “They should remember where they came from”

Without fantastic and memorable victories in the Champions League, the twelve slingers would not have become real institutions, hammered Aleksander Ceferin.

“Big clubs today weren’t necessarily big clubs in the past, and there is no guarantee that they will be in the future. Football is dynamic, unpredictable. That’s what makes it great. so beautiful game and that it is popular, underlined the boss of the European body. Where was Manchester United before the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson, I remember it. You too? Where was Juventus il Fifteen years ago? As little as I know they were in Serie B.[…] Clubs that think they are big and untouchable today should remember where they came from. And they should realize that part of the reason they are European giants today is UEFA. “

Ceferin reaches out to the slingers

After criticizing them, Aleksander Ceferin then made a gesture to the twelve founding clubs of the Super League.

“There is still time to change your mind” I would like to address the managers of some English clubs. Gentlemen, you have made a huge mistake. Some would say it is out of greed, others out of contempt or arrogance or even a complete ignorance of football culture in England, the UEFA president continued in his speech. But in reality it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that there is still time to change your mind. Everybody makes mistakes. English fans deserve you to correct your mistake. They deserve respect. […] Mainly for English clubs, come to your senses. “

And to conclude: “I will fight for the fans and it is a game that together we cannot lose. We cannot lose this game.”

Jean-Guy Lebreton Journalist RMC Sport


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