Two new members to the RSCA board of directors

Luc Deleu has been a lawyer for over 50 years and has often represented the RSCA.

“Supporter at heart, he knows the club inside and out,” wrote the RSCA in its statement, adding that he was joining the team as an independent director. Hans Beerlandt, son of Johan Beerlandt, the boss of BESIX who resigned from the Board of Directors in Anderlecht last year, now also has a seat on the board of directors.

He is the executive director of the construction group, a long-time sponsor of the club. Wouter Vandenhaute, who officially became president of the RSCA at the beginning of January, now has a rich board of 9 members with Beerlandt and Deleu but also Marc Coucke, Joris Ide, Michael Verschueren, Etienne Davignon, Michael Schenck as well as Patrick Lefevere and Philippe Close, whose start-ups will be official from this month of April. Vandenhaute joined RSCA in January 2020 as an advisor to CEO Karel Van Eetvelt who resigned from his role as CEO at the beginning of January.

On the sporting front, Vincent Kompany’s Sporting made a step towards the playoffs I by winning 1-4 in Antwerp on Monday evening during the 32nd and antepenultimate day of the classic phase of the championship.


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