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Twitter Topic launched in India! How to follow topics

Twitter, the popular social media platform, has finally launched the topic in India. Announcing its topic in November last year, Twitter now allows its users to follow certain topics they are interested in and view more content from selected topics. Twitter content is currently available in English and Hindi in India.

Yes, Twitter has introduced its topic in India. Twitter Topic is only available in Hindi and English, and content in Hindi is visible in the Devanagari script and Roman alphabet.

Also, when you set your device’s language to Hindi, things only appear in Hindi. Twitter has highlighted some of the things that are available in Hindi, such as Agra (आगरा), Patna (पटना) and Pune (पुणे), animal-like common interests (जानवर), horoscope (राशिफल), poetry (कविता). So what is Twitter Topic?

Twitter has introduced the topic in India. Twitter said that this topic is customized to the interests of Indian users. Users can browse through different topics. Twitter will also show some tips on the timeline and search bar.

The content suggestions are also shown based on what’s most relevant to the user. Learn how to follow topics on Twitter in the following steps.

How to follow topics on Twitter

Step: 1 Open the Twitter app and click the menu button.

Step 2 Select the topics in the list.

Step 3: Here you will see the suggested topic list.

Step 4 Scroll down and select ‘More Topic’.

Step 5 Browse through the topic list or find one.

Topics are available in a wide range of topics. But there are many more subcategories available. For example, under anime and manga, there are animation, tokusatsu, and voice actors.

There are many more things under animation. The following list of topics will follow. You can follow these things anytime. There is also an uninteresting tab for things you don’t want to see in your timeline.

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