Turkey: the immense joy of a player called up for the first time in the selection at 27 years old

The 27-year-old Turkish defender Alpaslan Oztürk was called up earlier this week for the very first time in the A national team. Surveillance cameras at his club, Göztepe, captured the moment the player heard the big news.

This phone call, he had waited all his career. Or almost. So when he heard the news on Monday, Alpaslan Oztürk struggled to hide his joy … At 27, the Göztepe defender was called up for the very first time to the national A team by coach Senol Günes, in order to to strengthen the group in view of the last game of the truce against Latvia.

His club shared on social networks the moment, filmed by surveillance cameras, when Oztürk picks up his phone. And go completely nuts. After jumping for joy in the hall, and screaming with all his might, the defender hugged the few people around him, and continued to clench his fist. Very very strong.

A last selection with the Espoirs in 2014 … and nothing more

Born in Antwerp, and passed through Beerschot or Standard before joining the Turkish championship in 2014, Alpaslan Oztürk hesitated for a long time between the Turkish selection and the Belgian selection, alternating the two in the youth teams. He finally chose the country of his parents, but after his last selection for the Under-21s in 2014 at 21, nothing. For almost seven years, Oztürk was never called up again. Until this week. Until his performance in Süper Lig is rewarded.

The story, however, was not as good as it could have been, since the rear remained on the bench during the match against Latvia on Tuesday night (3-3). Oztürk therefore still has no selection. But he may have scored points in training in the eyes of Günes … And at worst, he will have some nice memories.


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