Therefore, finding the best possible playset for each personal configuration can be quite a difficult task. But, thanks to Trust, we now have it much easier, since the manufacturer has presented two great different solutions that adapt to all types of pilots. We show you!

GXT 1155 Rally Racing Seat

If you are crazy about speed, take a good look at the GXT 1155 Rally Racing, a racing simulator seat that has everything you could ask for from a top-quality racing accessory.

This playseat stands out for its robust construction, as it incorporates the best materials in both its seat and its metal base, which is compatible with any combination of steering wheel and pedals on the market.

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Designed for riders of almost any height (from 140 to 210cm), the GXT 1155 Rally Racing allows maximum customization of the driving position, as it is fully adjustable in depth and width.

The result is one of the most impressive playsets on the market, which offers totally realistic sensations and manages to perfectly convey the adrenaline of real vehicle competitions. And all this with a folding design that allows you to store it quickly and occupy the minimum space.

The GXT 1155 Rally Racing seat has a suggested retail price of € 359.99.

GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Adapter

If you have little space in your gaming area, or if you are in love with your gaming or office chair, don’t worry, because Trust also has a solution so that you can feel like true racing drivers.

Thanks to the GXT 1150 Pacer Racing adapter, we can turn any chair into a high-performance playset. And best of all, in a really simple way.

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This adapter includes two solid bases with a textured surface that allows us to locate our steering wheel, pedals, and gear lever assembly in a fully adjustable way.

In them, and with a simple maneuver, we can fix any gaming or office chair too, thus, have a whole playset without the need to transform our gaming space.

Again, the high quality of its materials and the wide adjustment possibilities of its bases, adjustable in height, distance from the steering wheel and angle and distance from the pedals, allow us to obtain the most realistic sensations in our races. And of course, designed to make the adapter easy to remove and store.

The GXT 1150 Pacer Racing adapter has a suggested retail price of € 159.99.