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Trump blamed the media for the defeat, said – keep them away from electoral interference

Donald Trump has blamed the mainstream media for his defeat in the US presidential election. He has demanded that the media should be kept away from interfering in elections. Donald Trump said Monday that the mainstream media’s attitude in the election was so wrong that it was a more serious issue than economic temptation for voters.

Media survey affected the election
Trump tweeted several tweets saying that Fox News, the Queennipiac poll, ABC and the Washington Post, NBC and the Wall Street Journal were so wrong about their poll about me that it affected the election. Trump said he went further in trying to put more pressure on his poll and it should be considered interference in the election.

I won the election where shown back
Trump said ABC / Vapo trailed me by 17 percent of the vote in Wisconsin on the day just before the vote, while I won. In Iowa, I was trailed by four points but I won by 8.2 percent of the vote there. Fox News and Queennipiac were completely wrong. He said that this election was the worst. This is much more serious than luring voters and influencing elections on the strength of money.

Investigation of allegations of fraud in the election begins
US Attorney General William Barr allowed the country’s federal prosecutors to investigate the case for allegations of irregularities in voting before the results of the 2020 presidential election. The move comes days after Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden’s chances of defeating US President Donald Trump in the US presidential election and using the Justice Department to challenge the results by the Republican nominee.

Dispute has to be settled by 8 December
Trump has not accepted the election results and is accusing Democrat leaders of plotting to vote in favor of Biden without any substantive evidence. Election officials and both political parties have also spoken about the smooth conduct of elections. The country has till December 8 to settle any election related dispute. Electoral college members will stamp the final results of the election on 14 December.


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