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Toyota announces attractive discounts on various car models

While auto companies are targeting maximum vehicle sales for Dasara and Diwali, Toyota has also announced cash discounts, exchange bonuses, and corporate discounts on various car models. Toyota has only announced a discount on the purchase of Glanza, Yaris, and Inova Crista cars, with no additional savings on other car models.

Toyota plans to buy Glanza, Yaris, and Inova Crista for Rs. Offer Rs 30,000 to Rs 65,000, which includes cash discounts, exchange bonuses, and corporate discounts.

Upon Glanza’s car purchase Rs. 1500 Cash Discounts, Rs 10 Thousand Exchange Bonus, and Rs 5 Corporate Discounts Available on Yaris Car Purchase Rs. 20 Corporate Discounts Available.

On the purchase of the MPV car model, the Inova Crista is priced at Rs. 15 Cash Discount, Rs 30 Thousand Exchange Bonus and Rs. 20 Corporate discounts are offered and no discounts have been announced on any other car model. Instead of discounting it has announced attractive packages especially for employers.

Not only are government employees and private sector employers eligible for offers on Toyota cars, but customers can also easily own them under new offers. EMI Holiday has announced a three-month EMI Holiday for customers who buy a new package foot car, with attractive EMI rates to ease the car buying burden.

Coronavirus impact has been a major contributor to the increase in the purchase process of automobiles.

Employed customers can choose between a minimum amount of EMI with a long-term loan and purchase an EMI holiday offer for a three-vehicle purchase, with the purchase of Toyota-built Glanza, Urban Cruiser, Yaris, Inova Crista, and Fortuner cars.

Recently, the central finance department was given Rs. The offer is based on the announcement of a 10,000 rupee interest-free festival and this time the automaker’s calculation that the central government’s decision to issue cash vouchers instead of LTC will be beneficial.

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